James Parsons - Organist

RCO Medal - James Parsons

The Medal of the Royal College of Organists awarded to Mr James Parsons for distinguished achievement in organ pedagogy

“I’m astonished, honoured and humbled in equal measure! For over 150 years the Royal College of Organists has been hailed around the world for upholding the highest professional standards in the world of organ playing.

RCO accreditation mostly derives from the passing of difficult examinations - but when the College’s highest recognition arrives unbidden on the doormat, incredulity kicks in: after all I'd only been ploughing-on with what I do, if for quite a while - inventing, fronting and teaching courses to train organists, under the banners of Oundle for Organists, RCO, The Organ Club and NDSO.

It’s all been huge fun and a massive privilege.

A long procession of sensational tutors and key promotional colleagues Patricia Ryan, John Miley, Jeremy Sampson, Liz Jarmy, Simon Williams and Kim Gilbert must all share the credit.

Happy and astonished!” – James

James Parsons

James Parsons - Organist
Llanfair Caereinion, Powys Wales
& Fotheringhay, Northamptonshire
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