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Booking a Lesson with James

James offers regular one-to-one tuition in mid Wales, Birmingham, Northamptonshire and London. Additionally, James offers monthly slots in
Newcastle and Durham.
James is an approved Durham University Music Faculty Instrumental teacher.

Please contact via website or 'phone James on 07887 537773.


Friday 27 August to Bank Holiday Monday 30 August 2021
Hosted at Ushaw College (5 miles from Durham Cathedral)

James Parsons

Promoted by Newcastle and District Society of Organists (NDSO)

  • ORGANISTS - tuition from JAMES PARSONS, MARTIN BAKER and ROSEMARY FIELD - build skills and performance-confidence in non-competitive, supportive classes at Ushaw, in Durham Colleges and Churches, and at exciting instruments in Newcastle
  • play in Participants' Concert at Ushaw or join NDSO President's Reception
  • Bank Holiday Brunch at Ushaw
  • discover Durham, and tour Ushaw's art treasures; stroll in tranquil parkland on the Ushaw estate
James Parsons


CHARLES WOOLER at St James' and St Basil's, Fenham, Newcastle Friday 27 August at 7.30pm Vierne's Symphonie II
DANIEL COOK in HEXHAM ABBEY and ST MARYS RC CHURCH, HEXHAM (inaugural! relocated Well-Kennedy organ) Saturday 28 August from 5pm
MARTIN BAKER in DURHAM CATHEDRAL Sunday 29 August at 6pm Widor's Symphonie V and Improvisations

Ushaw Organ Weekend PDF document

RECENT EVENT - Unlock the Organ - Unlock your organ playing
and 20th Anniversary Recital

Unlock the Organ - Unlock your organ playing

Saturday 10th October 2020

James invites students and friends for an
at St Mary's and All Saints', Fotheringhay PE8 5HZ
(10am to 5pm)

Sunday 11th October 2020 3pm
plays the
on the Fotheringhay organ

Organ Inspiration Day and 20th Anniversary Recital [PDF doc]

RECENT EVENT - Oh so Sixties!

oh so last season!? - oh NO!
a repertoire-exploration and organ-performance class with James Parsons

Saturday 19 October 2019 (1400-1700)
St Mary's RC Cathedral, Newcastle-upon-Tyne

Never mind 'summers of love', Lennon and McCartney, drainpipe jeans and capri pants -
we're talking of the British organ world! -
when an alluring jangle of minimalistic 4ths, 5ths and 7ths, painted in a rash of nazards, nones and assorted
neo-baroquery, and sporting fidgety ostinato rhythms
cavorted rudely into that humidly-hallowed world of comforting chromatics,
harmonious 6ths and 3rds,
pastoral preludes and buccaneering sonatas
(yes, you love that sort of thing (who doesn't?)!

But yes, too, the 1960's cast list of new composer-voices rolls readily
William Mathias, Kenneth Leighton, John Rutter, Peter Hurford, Francis Jackson, Alan Ridout, Robin Orr, Brian Brockless, Peter Racine Fricker, John McCabe, Arthur Wills - goes on and on.

James has been revisiting areas of this engaging repertoire, and invites friends to share in an exploratory and performance session in Newcastle come October.

There's space for six Players and a crowd of Observers.

The three-manual Kenneth Tickell organ in St Mary's Cathedral, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, is eclectic, versatile, and comfortable to play.

James can supply a graded list of suitable pieces to bring.

Book now at rco.org.uk/events

Oh So Sixties! PDF document

RECENT EVENT - Cathedrals in Lagos

Cathedrals in Lagos, Nigeria. Wednesday 21 to Tuesday 27 August 2019
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RECENT EVENT - The Second Ushaw Organ Weekend

James Parsons

Friday 31 May to Sunday 2 June 2019
Ushaw College

An invitation to organists at all ages and stages, observers and all seeking a holiday weekend of inspiring music-making and cultural exploration in Durham's stunning, historic setting and Newcastle's dynamic cityscape.

  • Organists - tune-in to tuition from DAVID GOODE, JAMES PARSONS, BRIGITTE HARRIS and WILLIAM SAUNDERS
  • build skills and performance-confidence in non-competitive, supportive classes - at Ushaw and in Durham College Chapels
  • attend ORGAN RECITAL by virtuoso WILLIAM SAUNDERS in St Cuthbert's Chapel, Ushaw College on Saturday 1 June at 2pm (programme includes Iain Farrington's entertaining ANIMAL PARADE)
  • welcome to Durham Cathedral Organ loft with Daniel Cook and David Goode
  • play in Participants' Concert at Ushaw
  • socialise over Dinner in The Parlour at Ushaw - a handsome and intimate setting
  • discover Durham, and Ushaw's art treasures; enjoy leisure pursuits on the Ushaw estate, and stroll through delightful parkland-in-bloom
  • on Friday 31 May (from 10.30am): guided 'organ crawl' to notable organs in nearby Newcastle-upon-Tyne (there are lots of them!)

Ushaw Organ Weekend PDF document

James Parsons - Organist
Llanfair Caereinion, Powys Wales
& Fotheringhay, Northamptonshire
'phone/message 07887 537773
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